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Who’s on Sam Withey’s iPod?

Posted: March 27, 2012 by Jerry Ferrell in Who's on whose iPod?

Awakened Media Comm major Sam Withey is one of the most passionate people that I have come in contact with. Whether he’s snapping pictures with his camera or designing posters for an event, he has a sense of vibrance in what he does and that definitely translates into his preferences for music.

10. “Something in the Water” – Brooke Fraser

A nice carefree tune with the opening line: “I wear a demeanor made of bright pretty things.” Brooke has a lovely voice with similarities to Leslie Feist. The background vocals and clapping sequences in the chorus mixed with the fun bass drum beat gives the song a folk feel.

  9.  “For Once in My Life” – B. Reith

Now, maybe I’m off on this, but this guy seems way underrated. I guess it’s because he’s caught in that awkward state between secular music and Christian. This track features PJ Morton, another singer who is a Christian condemned for singing “secular music.” The song starts with B. Reith singing this verse that repeats that last word of the sentence in a way that at first seems unnecessary, but once you get to chorus, you begin to see it reinforces the rhythm of the song nicely. The piano also does the same thing for the song and it all comes together with the bass line, which pushes the song forward.

 8. “Savannah” – Relient K

These guys are one of my favorite bands. And this track will forever be on my top ten list in varying spots (right now it’s an eight), depending on how much I’ve been listening to it lately.  The metaphor of the city and the girl are appropriately harmonious in painting a picture of the journey of a relationship. The musical progression throughout the verses is incredibly engaging. The many different guitar tones in this song craft a reflective feel by complementing the lyrics. Simply put, it’s a great listen.

  7. “Let the Good Times Roll” – Ben Rector

The brass instrumentation and background vocals in this song work really well. If you’re about to start the weekend and you need a song to blast that’s classier than Snoop Dog’s “Young, Wild & Free” or Nicki’s “Starships,” Rector’s voice will take you there.

    6. “A Real Hero” – College & Electric Youth

I first heard this track after watching the movie “Drive.” It fit in perfectly with the movie but it’s a track that can hold up on its own too. True, there’s much repetition with the synth melody and the lyric, “A real human being, and a real hero,” but there’s plenty to unpack in that line. For me, it comes down to meaning that all true heroes are passionate but also vulnerable and imperfect. Real human beings. And the voices that deliver that line in the song are angelic

  5. “Human Hands” – Sondre Lerche

I’m a huge fan Sondre’s voice and sound. He is someone who has taken on many different musical styles with his albums. This one comes off his jazzy “Duper Sessions” album. He reinvents this Elvis Costello song and it just works beautifully.

  4. “Be Calm” – Fun

These guys seemed to come out of nowhere. I remember getting an email from noisetrade advertising their first album available for download (virtually free) and the next thing I know they’ve taken over iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify with their single, “We are Young.” But not only does their earlier album have an amazing cover illustration, but also some excellent songs like this one. You can’t go wrong with masterfully incorporated accordion intro leading to a combination of strings and guitar. These guys have created a unique sound and they do it so well.

  3. “Finding Something To Do” – Hellogoodbye

We all remember dancing to “Here (In Your Arms)” at our high school prom, but then we left our high school days behind us along with the band Hellogoodbye. Recently however, I found their latest album that released just last year and was pleasantly surprised at how their sound has matured. This track is perfectly catchy, accompanied with cute lyrics of lasting love.

 2. “Hymn #101″ – Joe Pug

Though I’m not familiar with the rest of his music, I love this one. The song has an inviting and simple guitar intro that leads right into an immersive set of lyrics with the qualities of a ballad. I’ve read interpretations of the song’s lyrics that range from talking about a dedication to a lover to a narrative of Jesus Christ. You will have to listen and decide for yourself. What I love about this song the most is that the spiritual references and allusions are so unique. Pug captures the raw, rough, and beautiful reality of God’s love and grace in a fresh new way.

  1. “Needing/Getting” – Ok Go

My latest obsession has been with the album, “Of the Blue Colour of The Sky.” The drum beat and distorted bass combination of this song makes you drop everything and pick up your air guitar, close your eyes, and head bang along with the band. One of my favorite parts comes in the middle of the song when all the instruments cut out and then comes this great vocal harmony leading to the synchronized return of the beat. Magic. And a fun instrumental outro to boot. Plus, the music video is jaw-dropping.


Who’s on Michael Rhoades’ iPod?

Posted: March 20, 2012 by Jerry Ferrell in Who's on whose iPod?

Sophomore Michael Rhoades is a friendly face and one    who has a strong passion for dancing, and so a love for beats that you can really move your feet to is reflected intensely in much of the music that he listens to.

 10. “Set Fire to the Rain” – Adele
“She seriously owns the piano on this song and it flows so smoothly. This is a a song I could listen to all day.”

9. “Forever” – Chris Brown 

“The song has really great lyrics and makes me think a lot about my life.”

8. “Holla at Me” – Chris Brown 

“It has one of the best beats I’ve heard in a while and it is easy to dance to so you can do whatever you want with it while you’re dancing.”

7. “Lights Off” – Jay Sean 

“I love the piano in this song and it makes me what to learn how to play it. It also remind me how hard life is and that relationships can end easily.”

6. “Majesty” – Charlie Hall 

“This song really makes me feel like God is in the present and it reminds me of what all God has done for me.”

5. “Let it Rain” – Jesus Culture 

“It really feels like God is talk to me. I get really into it and don’t want the song to end.”

4. “Dj Got Us Fallin’ in Love”- Usher feat. Pit Bull 

“It’s a great song to dance to and has a really good rhythm.”

3. “With You” – Chris Brown 

“I like the acoustic guitar in the song and the lyrics remind me of how I feel about other people.”

2. “Good Feeling” – Flo Rida 

“I really like the lyrics and I remember this song a lot because it was one song I danced to when I was in a dance competition.”

1. “Yeah Yeah Yeah” – Chris Brown 

“It was the first song I ever danced to in a competition so its very memorable, plus it has a really good beat.”

Who’s on Hezekiah’s iPod?

Posted: February 27, 2012 by Laura Richards in Who's on whose iPod?

Hezekiah Crocker is not a name that goes unknown on this campus. As a proud member of the Nerd hall, Hezekiah is probably one of the most friendly, quirky people I have ever known. He is his own person and I admire that so much about him. He has killer taste in music and not many people know that. I listened to some of the songs on this list, and they blew me away. There is so much to learn from Hezekiah, so let’s take a look at what is on this cool kid’s iPod!

10. “Song for No One” – Miike Snow

“Euro-electronica with emotional filled vocals framed within a chill drum and bass core that brings you along for the smooth ride.”

9. “The Look” – Metronomy

“Smooth, clean and minimalistic. A very intriguing mix of electronic and acoustic instruments give an amazing but restrained sense of cool.”

8. “To Kingdom Come” – Passion Pit

“Unpredictable arrangements of saxophones, keyboards and drums form the pages of the heartbroken lyrics. The hooks shimmer with a celebratory electro-indie ballad.”

7. “Radar Detector” – Darwin Deez

“This song is infectious and minimalistic.  In the world of pop, this song takes a little charm and goes a long way with it. Its unique and tangy guitar melodies and super catchy chorus will have you humming all day.  This song aims directly at your heart.”

6. “Daylight” – Matt & Kim

“Daylight” is a 2009 song by indie pop duo Matt & Kim. Popularity of the song is partially due to its debut on a Bacardi commercial.  The piano melodies tie this whole song together as the bass drives almost a celebratory feeling into your mind.”

5. “Cigarettes in the Theatre” – Two Door Cinema Club

“I’m not a huge fan of pop but Two Door Cinema Club is more than just your average pop band. Their songs are peppy and upbeat without ever being cheesy, their lyrics are simple without being dumb, and the vocals are catchy. They’re the kind of band who could appeal to the masses without being annoying, and that’s a huge accomplishment in itself.”

4. “Maps” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“If you’ve listened to their album, this is where the album peaks. In the song “Maps”, Chase’s rhythmic beats, Zinner’s quick guitar playing and Karen’s sensitive voice are assembled into an emotionally charged, rip-your-heart-out, cry-yourself-to-sleep, punk-pop masterpiece. Layer after layer of chiming and melodic guitar rifts come together in overlapping harmonies. Karen sings lyrics that are simple yet soulful portraying a picture of unadulterated love in her sensitive singing.”

3. “The Wolf” – Miniature Tigers

“Rhythmic acoustic guitar and simple but edgy drums co-exist with lyrical metaphors and gritty observations on love chased, gained, brooded on and abandoned.  The catchy chorus hits you directly in that part of your brain that never forgets a tune or rhythm.”

2. “Such Great Heights” – Postal Service

“What do you get when a fantastic writer crosses an electronic genius? Surprise! Fantastically written electronic music. Ben Gibbard, of Death Cab for Cutie and Dntel’s Jimmy Tamborello sandwich a superb song between a reverberative ambient keyboard line. Distorted bass snyths, keyboard blips with the simple drum beat are the stage for Ben’s poetic lyrics about the relationship he is currently in, and how everything looks perfect from far away but it really isn’t. When the chorus finally bursts in Gibbard’s voice jumps a few notes up and sings that melody that has been stuck in my head for quite some time now.”

1. “Gangsta” – tUnE-YaRdS

“Children playing, police sirens and alarms cut in and out. This is the anthem of a violent neighborhood. Loud, dysfunctional, and disjointed, “Gangsta” is a literal, audible representation of what it’s like to moving into a big city: It can make your head hurt, and it’s dissonant sounds may feel unfamiliar. But eventually, those sounds come together in a rhythm, of wild drums and explosive horns.  Turning into a strange and creative pop song, “Gangsta” becomes a full-blown dance song.”

Who’s on Becca’s iPod?

Posted: February 21, 2012 by Laura Richards in Who's on whose iPod?

Junior Becca Richards is someone who knows her music. She plays just about every instrument known to mankind and has a killer voice to go with it. She has a passion and love for Jesus that I have never seen in a person and she loves to show her love for Him through music. She is the SLA on Third Front in Glide-Crawford and you have probably seen her working at the Student Center. This girl has killer taste in music, so here is what’s on Becca’s iPod!

1. “Paradise” (Coldplay)

“One of the best music videos ever (I love elephants)!!! It is so catchy!!!!!”

2. “The Spirit and the Bride” (Matt Maher)

“Saw Matt Maher in concert and this song touched me so much, especially talking about Christ coming again! Matt Maher is one of my favorite people. Love it!!!”

3. “Savior” (Andrew Ripp)

“Oh my word. Andrew Ripp’s voice is husky angelic! He has got so much soul and I want it!!”

4. “You’re Not Listening” (The Rescues)

“A band of four (two girls, two guys) that literally play every instrument and can make beautiful harmonious music!! Not to mention the fact that the guy who sings last in the song, sings and doesn’t breathe for a looong time.”

5. “Only the Young” (Brandon Flowers)

“Another one of the best music videos ever. Brandon Flowers from the Killers blows me away with the synth man! It rocks!!”

6. “Sparrow” (Audrey Assad)

“One of my favorite old Gospel hymns called the Eye of the Sparrow was turned into this Sparrow by Audrey. The beat is so wonderful and she has got wicked awesome pipes.”

7. “Will You Be There” (Michael Jackson)

“CLASSIC. I remember watching this music video before ‘Free Willy’ started on my VHS player. This song has got that soul element in the choir, not to mention the King of Pop.”

8. “Thunder Road” (Bruce Springsteen)

“Springsteen is one of my favorites. His lyrics can’t be beat. I love listening to this when I workout, no lie.”

9. “God’s Not Dead” (Newsboys)

“A fairly new song that is my new obsession. I honestly used to hate that Michael Tate was in the Newsboys, but this song blew me away. I am singing it everywhere now!”

10. “Whipping Post” (Allman Brothers)

“Southern rock soul blows your mind. My dad definitely influenced my love of the Allman Brothers who totally school Lynyrd Skynyrd for sure.”

Who’s on Shelby’s iPod?

Posted: February 7, 2012 by Laura Richards in Who's on whose iPod?

When it comes to good music, Shelby Wright knows all. As a sophomore, she not only enjoys journalism and creative writing, but she also has a love for writing and playing her own music. As one of my closest friends, I have seen firsthand how much she loves music. Also,  I have heard her sing and play her guitar…girl’s got skills. So here in an inside look on what is playing on Shelby’s iPod!

  1. “Somewhere With You”–Kenny Chesney

“I’m not a huge country fan, but I cannot stop listening to this song!  I just love the lyrics and can completely relate to always wanting to be somewhere with a certain somebody.”

2.  “I Go Blind”–Hootie and the Blowfish

“Dustin’ off the oldies.  I love Hootie and the Blowfish (I think it’s directly correlated to my obsession with Friends) and this song is just such a classic.”

3. “Gonna Get Over You”–Sara Bareilles

“This song, for being about trying to get over someone, has just a catchy upbeat rhythm to it.  Sara is one of my go-to gals for great music, and she never disappoints.  Her lyrics are some of my favorites, and man can she sing.”

4. “Lay Me Down”–Dirty Heads

“Even though we’re still in this moody, hormonal weather pattern fluctuating between semi-warm and semi-frigid, this song make me think of happier days, sitting on the beach in the warm, glorious sun.”

5. “Everlasting Light”–The Black Keys

“The Black Keys are officially an obsession.  This song is just so addicting in so many ways; his voice, the music, the beat, the lyrics…I love everything about it!”

6. “Somebody That I Used To Know”–Gotye

“It actually had to YouTube how to pronounce this name, but I FINALLY can.  This song is just wonderful on so many levels and truly heart-wrenching.  If you want to see something that makes you feel completely incompetent, watch Walk Off The Earth’s cover of this song on YouTube…mind-blowing!”

7. “Calamity Song”–The Decemberists

“This is my ultimate driving with the windows down, rocking out song.  I love everything that the Decemberists do, and this song is just so catchy and you have to sing along while listening to it.”

8. “You Make My Dreams Come True”–Hall & Oates

“Another oldie-but-goody.  This song is the kind that one would listen to while dancing around in her (or his) underwear whilst getting ready in the morning, using a hairbrush as a microphone…hypothetically.”

9. “Pretty the World”–Matt Nathanson

“Matt, Matt, Matt.  Is there anything more charming in this world than Matt Nathanson?  I don’t think so.  I’ve been completely smitten with him for almost a decade now, and since meeting him in person, my obsession has only grown.  This is an older of his song, but really encapsulates his musical style and lyric ability.  I love singing along to this song.”

10.  “Did It On ‘Em”–Nicki Minaj

“This song is a classic in my book for SO many reasons.  A few girls and I have dubbed this our “theme song,” and when it comes to fierce, woman anthems, Nicki is and ALWAYS will be our girl.”


Who’s on Cassie’s iPod?

Posted: January 30, 2012 by Shelby Weakley in Who's on whose iPod?

By Shelby Weakley

Cassie Dobbs is a member of the Awakened class and a pre-physical therapy major. She is on the World Gospel Mission cabinet and is also in charge of PR and greeting. Cassie is the SLA of First Glide, but home to her is also Woodstown, New Jersey. Cassie and I have known each other for a while, but I have never known what her musical style has been until now.

Cassie: “Most of the songs that I love are songs that I associate with a specific event or person in my life. I tried to give some other reasons.”

1. “Satisfy”—Tenth Avenue North

“I may be biased, (I know them!) but I love anything by Tenth Ave. This song is especially my favorite because it just begs God to reveal to me that he is everything I need. He satisfies my every desire.”

2. “Girl Named Tennessee”—NeedToBreathe

“NeedToBreathe is another band that I just love every one of their songs. ‘Girl Named Tennessee’ is just a fun song that reminds me of the spring of my freshman year at Asbury. It’s a good ‘sing along with your friends in the car’ song.”

3. “Right as Rain”—Adele

“I mostly just like the sound of this song. The lyrics aren’t really all that meaningful, but it’s upbeat and different.”

4. “Hurts like Heaven”—Coldplay

“A lot of my friends really like Coldplay, but it took me awhile to get into them. Their new album ‘Mylo Xyloto’ is awesome! I actually run to this album, which might be weird, but it gets me all excited when I listen to it.”

5. “Brightly Wound”—Eisley

“Eisley has a really different sound that I really like. ‘Brightly Wound’ is about being a kid and never wanting to grow up, which I think everyone can relate to, to some degree.”

6. “Your Love is Strong”—Jon Foreman

“I love the lyrics of this song and the direct influence of scripture. It almost reminds me of a hymn. It’s simple, yet it has so much meaning.”

7. “Awake My Soul”—Mumford and Sons

“I don’t know if Mumford and Sons are a Christian band, but this song definitely has a Christian theme. I love when the part that says, ‘Awake my soul…For you were made to meet your maker.’”

8. “Sadie Hawkins Dance”—Relient K

“This song just reminds me of Delanco Camp when I was in middle school. My roommate and I still listen to it and have a blast!”

9. “Trust”—Seabird

“This song is about living in the moment and leaving behind all our scars and worries: ‘The world is ours, ours for the moment.’ We are only here for a short time. We can’t let our past hold us back.”

10. “Never Let You Go”—Third Eye Blind

“I think this song is just another one that I love singing in the car with my friends. Third Eye Blind is great!”

Who’s on Anna’s iPod?

Posted: January 23, 2012 by Shelby Weakley in Who's on whose iPod?

By Shelby Weakley

Anna Phillips, a freshman at Asbury, is also the Secretary of the Unshakable class. She is a theater and cinema performance major who grew up in Bolivia. Anna’s taste in music always impresses me, so I decided to see what she would call her Top Ten favorite songs.

1. “Cosmic Love”—Florence + the Machine

“The message in this song really connected with me. Girl meets guy. Blinded by love. Doesn’t like being blind. But decides to stay in the dark anyways. It’s a classic mishap love story.”

2. “Trouble”—NeverShoutNever

“I absolutely love this guy’s voice. It’s beautiful. Also, I think it’s pretty fantastic that he’s playing a ukulele. I love the uke because of its unique, pitchy sound.”

3. “5 Years Time”—Noah and the Whale

“This is such an optimistic song. I love it because it’s upbeat, lighthearted, silly and it makes me think of senior year in high school.”

4. “Rain”—MIKA

“OK, I might like his voice even more. He’s got an incredible range and I like his story. But I like that this song is about bad days, but it’s not depressing.”

5. “The Perpetual Self, or ‘What Would Saul Alinsky do?’”—Sufjan Stevens

“It’s so chill. Enough said.”

6. “Bohemian Rhapsody”—Queen

“Classic rock. Freddie Mercury. And a quartet of British men. My life is so good.”

7. ‘’La Vie en Rose’’—Louis Armstrong

“I really don’t like saxophone. But this song kills me every time. It’s so beautiful and I have a soft spot for jazz. It touches the soul, and this song is so adorable.”

8. “A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left”—Andrew Bird

“I truly love how Andrew Bird tells stories in his songs. They’re not about him, but just narratives. It’s unique.”

9. “Marry You”—Bruno Mars

“Soooo cute. I think he’s got a great voice, and this song is every girl’s dream.”

10. (I’m ashamed of this one, but who cares): “You Smile”—Justin Bieber

“I think Justin is actually really talented. And this is such an innocent, romantic song.”