Who’s on Sam Withey’s iPod?

Posted: March 27, 2012 by Jerry Ferrell in Who's on whose iPod?

Awakened Media Comm major Sam Withey is one of the most passionate people that I have come in contact with. Whether he’s snapping pictures with his camera or designing posters for an event, he has a sense of vibrance in what he does and that definitely translates into his preferences for music.

10. “Something in the Water” – Brooke Fraser

A nice carefree tune with the opening line: “I wear a demeanor made of bright pretty things.” Brooke has a lovely voice with similarities to Leslie Feist. The background vocals and clapping sequences in the chorus mixed with the fun bass drum beat gives the song a folk feel.

  9.  “For Once in My Life” – B. Reith

Now, maybe I’m off on this, but this guy seems way underrated. I guess it’s because he’s caught in that awkward state between secular music and Christian. This track features PJ Morton, another singer who is a Christian condemned for singing “secular music.” The song starts with B. Reith singing this verse that repeats that last word of the sentence in a way that at first seems unnecessary, but once you get to chorus, you begin to see it reinforces the rhythm of the song nicely. The piano also does the same thing for the song and it all comes together with the bass line, which pushes the song forward.

 8. “Savannah” – Relient K

These guys are one of my favorite bands. And this track will forever be on my top ten list in varying spots (right now it’s an eight), depending on how much I’ve been listening to it lately.  The metaphor of the city and the girl are appropriately harmonious in painting a picture of the journey of a relationship. The musical progression throughout the verses is incredibly engaging. The many different guitar tones in this song craft a reflective feel by complementing the lyrics. Simply put, it’s a great listen.

  7. “Let the Good Times Roll” – Ben Rector

The brass instrumentation and background vocals in this song work really well. If you’re about to start the weekend and you need a song to blast that’s classier than Snoop Dog’s “Young, Wild & Free” or Nicki’s “Starships,” Rector’s voice will take you there.

    6. “A Real Hero” – College & Electric Youth

I first heard this track after watching the movie “Drive.” It fit in perfectly with the movie but it’s a track that can hold up on its own too. True, there’s much repetition with the synth melody and the lyric, “A real human being, and a real hero,” but there’s plenty to unpack in that line. For me, it comes down to meaning that all true heroes are passionate but also vulnerable and imperfect. Real human beings. And the voices that deliver that line in the song are angelic

  5. “Human Hands” – Sondre Lerche

I’m a huge fan Sondre’s voice and sound. He is someone who has taken on many different musical styles with his albums. This one comes off his jazzy “Duper Sessions” album. He reinvents this Elvis Costello song and it just works beautifully.

  4. “Be Calm” – Fun

These guys seemed to come out of nowhere. I remember getting an email from noisetrade advertising their first album available for download (virtually free) and the next thing I know they’ve taken over iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify with their single, “We are Young.” But not only does their earlier album have an amazing cover illustration, but also some excellent songs like this one. You can’t go wrong with masterfully incorporated accordion intro leading to a combination of strings and guitar. These guys have created a unique sound and they do it so well.

  3. “Finding Something To Do” – Hellogoodbye

We all remember dancing to “Here (In Your Arms)” at our high school prom, but then we left our high school days behind us along with the band Hellogoodbye. Recently however, I found their latest album that released just last year and was pleasantly surprised at how their sound has matured. This track is perfectly catchy, accompanied with cute lyrics of lasting love.

 2. “Hymn #101″ – Joe Pug

Though I’m not familiar with the rest of his music, I love this one. The song has an inviting and simple guitar intro that leads right into an immersive set of lyrics with the qualities of a ballad. I’ve read interpretations of the song’s lyrics that range from talking about a dedication to a lover to a narrative of Jesus Christ. You will have to listen and decide for yourself. What I love about this song the most is that the spiritual references and allusions are so unique. Pug captures the raw, rough, and beautiful reality of God’s love and grace in a fresh new way.

  1. “Needing/Getting” – Ok Go

My latest obsession has been with the album, “Of the Blue Colour of The Sky.” The drum beat and distorted bass combination of this song makes you drop everything and pick up your air guitar, close your eyes, and head bang along with the band. One of my favorite parts comes in the middle of the song when all the instruments cut out and then comes this great vocal harmony leading to the synchronized return of the beat. Magic. And a fun instrumental outro to boot. Plus, the music video is jaw-dropping.

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