My favorite is…

Posted: March 27, 2012 by Laura Richards in Asbury features

Everyone has different taste, style and like different genres of music. Some like hip hop, while others prefer a more contemporary style. For this article, I decided to focus on the ladies of Asbury and see who their favorites are!

Megan Snyder

– “My favorite band is Switchfoot. I’ve loved them since I was 13, and they’re so genuine with their lyrics.”

Linnea Luzzo

-“John Mayer, because he is a great songwriter and I can find a song to listen to no matter what mood I am in. I have seen him twice in concert and he is a great performer and guitarist. And he is also SEXY.”

Jenny Kate Baker

-“I love the Backstreet Boys! They’re classic boy band and their music always makes me so happy! They’re adorable too.”

Krysti Leonard

-“Taylor Swift, duh. She is an incredible songwriter.”

Melissa Landon

-I love Chris Rice music because the lyrics are creative. The sound is unique and I never get tired of listening to it.”

Rachel Taber

-“I would have to say Lady Antebellum. They remind me of where I grew up. My hometown. The people. Their songs hold meaning. Also, musically they are phenominal.”

Sara Morgan

-“Billy Currington. he is a country singer. he is hot, sings great songs, he is sweet and he is also my future husband. Did I mention he is goodlooking?”


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