Who’s on Michael Rhoades’ iPod?

Posted: March 20, 2012 by Jerry Ferrell in Who's on whose iPod?

Sophomore Michael Rhoades is a friendly face and one    who has a strong passion for dancing, and so a love for beats that you can really move your feet to is reflected intensely in much of the music that he listens to.

 10. “Set Fire to the Rain” – Adele
“She seriously owns the piano on this song and it flows so smoothly. This is a a song I could listen to all day.”

9. “Forever” – Chris Brown 

“The song has really great lyrics and makes me think a lot about my life.”

8. “Holla at Me” – Chris Brown 

“It has one of the best beats I’ve heard in a while and it is easy to dance to so you can do whatever you want with it while you’re dancing.”

7. “Lights Off” – Jay Sean 

“I love the piano in this song and it makes me what to learn how to play it. It also remind me how hard life is and that relationships can end easily.”

6. “Majesty” – Charlie Hall 

“This song really makes me feel like God is in the present and it reminds me of what all God has done for me.”

5. “Let it Rain” – Jesus Culture 

“It really feels like God is talk to me. I get really into it and don’t want the song to end.”

4. “Dj Got Us Fallin’ in Love”- Usher feat. Pit Bull 

“It’s a great song to dance to and has a really good rhythm.”

3. “With You” – Chris Brown 

“I like the acoustic guitar in the song and the lyrics remind me of how I feel about other people.”

2. “Good Feeling” – Flo Rida 

“I really like the lyrics and I remember this song a lot because it was one song I danced to when I was in a dance competition.”

1. “Yeah Yeah Yeah” – Chris Brown 

“It was the first song I ever danced to in a competition so its very memorable, plus it has a really good beat.”


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