Who’s on Becca’s iPod?

Posted: February 21, 2012 by Laura Richards in Who's on whose iPod?

Junior Becca Richards is someone who knows her music. She plays just about every instrument known to mankind and has a killer voice to go with it. She has a passion and love for Jesus that I have never seen in a person and she loves to show her love for Him through music. She is the SLA on Third Front in Glide-Crawford and you have probably seen her working at the Student Center. This girl has killer taste in music, so here is what’s on Becca’s iPod!

1. “Paradise” (Coldplay)

“One of the best music videos ever (I love elephants)!!! It is so catchy!!!!!”

2. “The Spirit and the Bride” (Matt Maher)

“Saw Matt Maher in concert and this song touched me so much, especially talking about Christ coming again! Matt Maher is one of my favorite people. Love it!!!”

3. “Savior” (Andrew Ripp)

“Oh my word. Andrew Ripp’s voice is husky angelic! He has got so much soul and I want it!!”

4. “You’re Not Listening” (The Rescues)

“A band of four (two girls, two guys) that literally play every instrument and can make beautiful harmonious music!! Not to mention the fact that the guy who sings last in the song, sings and doesn’t breathe for a looong time.”

5. “Only the Young” (Brandon Flowers)

“Another one of the best music videos ever. Brandon Flowers from the Killers blows me away with the synth man! It rocks!!”

6. “Sparrow” (Audrey Assad)

“One of my favorite old Gospel hymns called the Eye of the Sparrow was turned into this Sparrow by Audrey. The beat is so wonderful and she has got wicked awesome pipes.”

7. “Will You Be There” (Michael Jackson)

“CLASSIC. I remember watching this music video before ‘Free Willy’ started on my VHS player. This song has got that soul element in the choir, not to mention the King of Pop.”

8. “Thunder Road” (Bruce Springsteen)

“Springsteen is one of my favorites. His lyrics can’t be beat. I love listening to this when I workout, no lie.”

9. “God’s Not Dead” (Newsboys)

“A fairly new song that is my new obsession. I honestly used to hate that Michael Tate was in the Newsboys, but this song blew me away. I am singing it everywhere now!”

10. “Whipping Post” (Allman Brothers)

“Southern rock soul blows your mind. My dad definitely influenced my love of the Allman Brothers who totally school Lynyrd Skynyrd for sure.”


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