Asbury features… Josh Krieder

Posted: February 14, 2012 by Shelby Weakley in Asbury features

When you hear a hearty laugh on campus, one can always assume it is Josh Krieder. Proud Asburian, Josh has a radiant personality that can make anyone around him smile even on his or her darkest days. But not everyone knows of his musical gift of guitar playing.

Josh began playing guitar since his junior year of high school with one of his buddies. “He had started playing and I wanted to as well, so I used [my friend’s] dad’s guitar and learned the basics from him,” he said. After this, Josh began to play on and off through high school, not really committing to it just yet. But the real influence to start focusing on the guitar has been his coming to Asbury. “My roommate was a pretty good guitar player, and just watching him play made me want to go from a casual player to a real guitarist,” said Josh.

Josh has learned a lot from learning to play an instrument. “Guitar has taught me that in order to be good at something you need to practice, and it will probably be hard and take a long time,” he said. “But it has also taught me that hard work is worth it.” Josh has not only learned about dedication but also about artistic expression through music: “I’ve always loved music, but until I started playing guitar, I didn’t have a way to create it myself. It provided a way for me to get me feelings out that I couldn’t necessarily put into words.”

Josh not only plays in his free time, but he also has opportunities to share his talent and use it for worship. “Anytime I play for people it’s usually for church or a small group,” he said. Josh has admitted to having a shy streak when it comes to playing in front of large groups, but he is finding courage. “I’m beginning to come out of that fear and looking for more opportunities to perform,” Josh said.

When asked about future opportunities concerning guitar playing, Josh revealed a possibility of wanting to maybe pursuing a career in worship ministry. “I would like to play in church and small groups more, and I hope to someday be a worship leader of some kind,” he said. Josh has also utilized the GarageBand app on Apple computers and recorded his own songs, and hopes to someday make a CD.

Though Josh has been emerging as more of a serious guitar player recently, he realizes how much progress he has made. “I’m not a virtuoso now, but I am much better than when I started!” he said. Like many of his friends, I know I am looking forward to what the future holds for him.

Josh Krieder playing guitar


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