Asbury features…Sean O’Connor

Posted: February 6, 2012 by Shelby Weakley in Asbury features

Sean O'Connor playing cello at Illuminated Freshman Formal

Sean O’Connor; most of the time when people hear that name, they think of the tall, media communications major that plays cello in chapel and in the orchestra at Asbury. A sophomore, Sean is a talented musician who honored me with the title of being called his friend. I got the chance to sit down with him and ask him about his gift.

Sean first started playing the cello in middle school during a “tryout day” for various instruments. “I tried the violin, cello and drums. [The] violin was too small and I could keep a beat on the drums, but I really enjoyed the cello.” Sean had been interested with the cello ever since he saw it on a Steven Curtis Chapman music video. “It was the song ‘When Love Takes You In.’ I saw it and thought, ‘that’s a cool instrument,” said he. And he has been playing ever since.

In the ten years that he has been playing (this coming September), Sean has learned a lot: “It’s really taught me to be committed to something… I guess it’s easy to put it off and not practice.” Sean struggled when he first began, not practicing as much as he could. “[I] got older and got more interested.” Sean says playing the cello became a bigger part of who he was, and helped him understand commitment and how practice can really make perfect.

With the cello, Sean has come from playing in fundraisers to chamber groups to playing solos for his church back home. “The first time I ever played other than the orchestra was at church four years ago.  [It was] an all worship service and I got to play a piece,” said Sean. He has played many classical pieces, one that I am extremely fond of which is the first of Bach’s six cello suites, which can be heard on the movie “Master and Commander.”

Although Sean is extremely skilled at the cello, he has decided to put his love of film first. “I love being able to play the cello, but am called to do Media Comm. in writing and directing film.” He would love to still be able to keep playing, either for pleasure or part-time gigs. “It would be really cool if I got to play for movies.” Maybe someday…

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