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Posted: January 31, 2012 by Leslie Ferrell in Asbury features

By Leslie Ferrell

Not many people know that Sonneline Woolls, a sophomore here at Asbury and a major in business and accounting, is also a very talented musician. Originally from South Africa, Sonneline moved to China when she was 12 years old and stayed there until she graduated. After teaching herself how to play guitar, which she says came very naturally to her, she began writing lyrics when she was around 13 or 14 years old. “I actually taught myself to play music by writing it,” she says. However, not only was Woolls learning to play guitar and beginning to write lyrics, but her music also became an “outlet,” she says, for a then very introverted and shy young girl.

Woolls had the opportunity to begin performing in China, which was full of unforgettable experiences. She began by playing the bass in a band, and soon was performing her own concerts at various coffee shops, and eventually in front of thousands of people. They wanted to hear a blonde, Western girl, who could sing the songs they wanted to hear, especially, “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Hotel California.” In 2010, her senior year of high school, Woolls professionally recorded her first album, a process which took about three weeks. “It’s a very amateur CD. I think that if I made one now it would be a lot more polished with a lot better quality music,” she says.

Quality is something that her music does not lack. Her album entitled “Change” is all about “transition, the journey of life” and “being a third culture kid,” Woolls says. As she has grown up and encountered new experiences, her music has grown as well. Woolls says, “The more honest I become as a person and the more real I become as a person, the more real my songs get.” She says she would like to record another album with the songs she has been working on since coming to Asbury, which would appropriately be titled “From the Heart.” These latest songs, especially “Like One of Them,” which she sang at the Freshman Talent Show last year, deal with life issues that everyone faces, especially when coming to college, of finding the need to fit in and discovering their own identity.

Woolls wants to “try to capture people’s lives” through her music, she says, and she does this by being open, honest and real. “I try to reflect the way I feel now, and I think that’s really how I connect to people is because a lot of people have the same doubts and fears, they just are too scared to express them openly.” Woolls does admit that this can be very hard at times, as she says, “I am bearing my soul.” Her lyrics are very relatable, and at the same time they are gripping and passionate. While she is always trying to improve, and she loves coming up with new chords and especially new rhythms, what is most important for this young songwriter is the idea and message behind each one of her songs. “I don’t care about getting famous, I just want people to hear what I have to say,” she says. Woolls writes what she is feeling, and she would love for it to inspire others and help her to connect with people. However, she knows that this only happens because of God, and He is the one she gives the credit too. “I know that God gives me these songs,” she says. “It’s not from me and it’s not about me, and that’s when I really find pleasure in my music.” God is continually teaching and revealing new things to her through her very own songs.

Woolls is currently one of the Illuminated Class Chaplains, and she has led worship several times at class prayers, as well as at the Sophomore Retreat this past August.  She sings what she truly believes with a passion and sincerity that is apparent to all. Though she is not a music major or involved with the music department, Woolls sings and plays because it is what she loves, and because it is a way for her to express herself and share life with others. “I can’t speak to a thousand people, but I can sing to a thousand people,” she says. Not many would expect this from a major in business and accounting, but Sonneline Woolls is definitely a very inspiring and passionate writer and musician who loves the Lord and has a beautiful heart. If anyone is interested in buying her album, “Change,” it is available for $5. She would also like to share that she has eight songs that are  “fresh and wonderful and dying to be heard,” if any Audio Production students are looking for someone to record! Wink wink.

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