Asbury features…Abe Parker

Posted: January 23, 2012 by Leslie Ferrell in Asbury features

By Leslie Ferrell

Asbury University was visited this past week by its very own Abe Parker, a 2011 graduate and an aspiring and extremely talented musician. Parker is well known on Asbury’s campus for his upbeat and catchy songs that are fun and also have the power to inspire. He says he wants to write music that you can’t help but dance too, but music that is also inspiring and makes you think. “So think while you dance,” he says.

Parker has played all over campus, including coffeehouses at the student center, as well as down the road at Solomon’s Porch and at Common Grounds in Lexington, where many fans come to hear him play their favorite familiar songs, especially “Wendy,” “Maggie McGee” and “Love Runs Uphill.” However, this past Friday they gathered in Akers Auditorium to see the Abe Parker Band release concert for the new album, Ninety Percent of Reality. With this new album Parker says, “I am really trying to pursue one direction.” He loves the idea of creating something new, inventing a new type of music and a new genre. He describes his music as “John Mayer meets Maroon 5 and goes to Motown.” The songs have a pop influence, but they are also bluesy and groovy with a driving sound, similar to that of Stevie Wonder, and they make you want to sing right along.

Parker has been very successful with his music so far in his career. He grew up always being surrounded by music, as his parents both played instruments, and he himself received a ukulele when he was just 3 years old and his first electric guitar when he was 10. Needless to say, it has been a natural progression since then. “I guess the rest has really been history,” Parker said.

The new album has recently been released on iTunes, which Parker says is definitely a next step in the process, but it doesn’t mean near as much if people aren’t listening and enjoying it. He says, “If people really want to support the music I do, the best place to buy it is either from myself personally or you can get the entire album on Facebook too.” He is known for often giving out his CD’s to people who like and support his music, as he did at his concert on Friday night, and he hopes that everyone will share it with their friends and spread the word. He is very thankful and appreciative to all of his friends and fans for all of their support. “I’d rather people just enjoy the music that I’m making, just because I enjoy it and it makes me want to make even more music when more people like it,” Parker said.


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