2012 album releases

Posted: January 23, 2012 by Laura Richards in Lexington and beyond

By Laura Richards

It’s a new year, so who is ready for some new music? Artists have been slaving away in the studios and are finally ready to give us some new albums with what they hope will top the charts this year!

Foxy Shazam is releasing their album, “The Church of Rock and Roll”. A band that formed in Cincinnati, Ohio, they are getting ready to release their fourth studio album Jan. 24. If you have not listened to them, I would compare their sound to Bruce Springsteen or Van Morrison. They have a very fun and upbeat sound that you are sure to enjoy.

For all you country fans, Tim McGraw and Kellie Pickler are both coming out with new albums this month.  American Idol alumna Pickler has been topping the charts since Idol and is coming out with her new album called “100 Proof “on Jan. 24. Tim McGraw, whose album “Emotional Traffic” also comes out on Jan. 24, is sure to steal the hearts of many with his sweet country ballads.

For all you Beatles fans, Sir Paul McCartney is coming out with yet another album this February.  The pop icon’s new album is titled “Kisses on the Bottom.” I have no doubt that this album will be ballin’.

The Fray, who sings the very popular song “How to Save a Life”, is releasing their newest masterpiece on Feb. 7. They are known for their very sweet and lyrical songs and their album, titled “Scars and Stories,” will be sure to draw attention.

On the day of love, my favorite artist Nicki Minaj will debut her second album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded”. Not a lot of people know this, but Nicki Minaj has many different alter egos that she likes to pretend to be in her songs, so this album is solely dedicated to one of her egos named Roman. I have heard that she will feature no other musical artists on this album. I am extremely excited to hear the new tracks and see what is up with Roman.


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